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  • Do you offer on-site printing?

    Yes we do. We capture images with quality digital SLR cameras, transfer the images onto our server, and display them on a series of monitors where you can preview your images. After you select your images we print them on a Kodak Thermal Dye Sublimation Photo Printer for waterproof prints with archival quality.

  • How long do I have to wait to get a print at your events?

    Depending on the event, we can usually edit an image and make your prints in less than 30 minutes. If you need to leave, we can mail your prints for a small shipping charge.

  • Are your digital prints as good as prints from film?

    Shooting indoor sports requires a high shutter speed, a fast lens, and high ISO speed (film or digital). Our modern digital SLR cameras are superior to film at the high ISO speeds necessary to capture action. Your pictures are sharper with less grain/noise than is possible with high-speed films.

  • Can I obtain your original image files?

    Absolutely. We can provide a CD of JPG images of your event participant that you can use to make prints or use in your publications. Our CDs contain all the images of a single person for one game/flight/dance. If you want multiple CDs or multiple events, we will provide a discount. For an additional $3 charge, we will provide the image file of any image we print for you. We will either email the image to you or copy it to your flash drive.

  • Will my prints look exactly like the images on the website?

    No, they will be better. We batch publish the thousands of images on the website, but when you order a print, we individually correct for color, density, cropping, and sharpness. We apply noise reduction and local density correction as needed. In short, you get a custom quality print.

    See the Sample Image Page.

  • Can you crop or remove distracting background elements?

    We will be glad to crop to your specifications and will work with you to try to meet your needs. Simple elements can be edited onsite. Complex elements may require additional time and an editing fee. Discuss your picture with us!

  • How long are your images on the website?

    Pictures are normally on the website for six months. If you want to see pictures from an older event, just let us know and we will reload them.

  • Why do you use professional camera equipment? Won't any digital camera do?

    The professional camera equipment we use (Nikon and Canon) can shoot up to 5 frames a second, can shoot with low noise at high ISO speeds, and can focus with rapidly moving subjects. Consumer point-and-shoot digital cameras are fine for snapshots, but can't reliably photograph sports in low-light. Ordinary consumer digital cameras also have a delay from the time you press the shutter until the picture is taken. This makes shooting sports difficult. Our professional cameras allow us to capture the action at the decisive moment.

  • Can you shoot portraits and groups?

    Absolutely. We have photographed individuals and teams, and are available for senior portraits, proms, etc. Our studio lights and backgrounds are portable so we can attend your special event or location for individual photographs. We have a very competitive team package available for your group. Contact us for details.

  • What kind of events do you photograph?

    We shoot most social events including sports, proms, dances, cheerleading and dance, recitals, etc. We specialize in sporting events and team photography.

  • Can you remove my picture from your gallery?

    Sure. If you don't want your image on the website, just let us know the image numbers and event and we will remove them.

  • How many pictures do you shoot?

    A lot! We will shoot about 300 pictures for a hockey, softball, or soccer game. A typical skating event will have 20-120 pictures per skater per event. You can rest assured that we will have a great shot of your participant.

  • Do I have to tell you to photograph my child at the event?

    No. We shoot thousands of images at major events and try to capture every participant. If you are interested in pictures of your athlete, do let us know in advance, and we will try to key on that player to give you more choices during your image review. Tell us the participant's distinguishing features such as uniform color, number, or skater's dress description.

  • Can you make a photo collage?

    We can make a collage of 2, or 3, or 4 images. Choose the images you want and we will put it together for you. You can give us any preferences in the special instructions of the order form, or just contact us. Our prices are a very reasonable $25, $30, and $35 respectively.

  • Can I order from multiple galleries?

    Yes, go ahead and place multiple orders from different galleries. You will only be charged one handling/shipping fee, and the total minimum order ($20) only applies to the sum of your orders.

  • Can you fix a blurry picture?

    When shooting thousands of images at an event, a few pictures are captured when the camera doesn't quite get the correct focus. In order to get the images on the monitor as soon as possible for your viewing, we do not edit the pictures in advance. We can make small improvements in sharpness, but some images just won't make good enlargements. If you are not sure if the image is sharp and will make a good picture, discuss it with us. We want you to be satisfied!

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